Thursday, 7 January 2016

I have decided 2016 will be awesome!

I have decided that 2016 is going to be awesome! Because I'm going to make it that way!

I have been in a bit of a funk for some time, lots of crappy stuff and I was (blogger cliche alert!!) having a lush bath and watching Pretty Little Liars this evening and I just had a spark of positivity, of realisation that a lot of how this year goes is totally in my own hands! 

An awful lot of the things that have been getting me down are totally within my own control to change!

So here are just a few rambled thoughts!

- I will eat healthier
- I will start to exercise 
- I will have a couple of piercings
- I will pay all of my debt off
- I will have pink hair
- I will send my friends birthday cards (instead of just buying them and never getting round to writing/sending them)
- I will do more of "me" & let others do "them"
- I will spend less money on crap
- I will spend more on worthwhile things - like a new bed & doing up the garden!!
- I will read more
- I will sleep more
- I will smile more
- I will forgive more freely
- I will watch all the Big Brothers and not  care about the judgement
- I will visit the beach
- I will go to an outdoor cinema
- I will hope again
- I will dream again
- I will stop saving stuff for best
- I will spend a whole day in the garden eating ice cream and reading
- I will explore ways to be creative
- I will not do things out of obligation anymore, only love
- I will drink vodka and dance until 3am
- I will paint my nails
- I will find a way to give my time and energy out to the world that actually has an impact
- I will hold on tightly to that which I love and let go of everything else
- I will Instagram the crap out of this year!!!!

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