Friday, 29 May 2015

Guess who's back!

I have stopped and started with this blog a few times and a while ago I went through and took all my old posts down, why? I'm not sure. Fear of people? Maybe, fear that people I know in real life would somehow find them and read them and know something about me that I hadn't told them. Perfectionism? Probably, something I struggle with for sure. Not knowing why I even want to blog? I'm an avid blog reader and vlog viewer and know I don't really have a niche and that the things I want to write about probably won't be interesting to anyone! But you know what? I think I just need to write! For me. 

I've been thinking about how to start writing again, what to write and if to for too long now so here it is! I've put words onto the screen! 

I feel like I lost myself somewhere in the last year or so and I want to find her again. God that sounds douchey!! But seriously, I feel a little like I've lost my way and maybe, just maybe finding a way to express myself will help. 

Ok that's enough tumblr-worthy, angsty, doucheyness for today!

I'll be back soon, promise!

Oh and because I wanted to put a photo up - here's my love! 

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